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Sponsorship opportunities with GALA Choruses can include advertising in our event smart phone apps as well as a variety of sponsorship levels at GALA chorus events. GALA Choruses materials are sent to 190 member choruses with over 10,000 singing members in every major metropolitan market in the United States as well as several cities in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Join our family of existing corporate sponsors who have recognized the value of marketing through GALA Choruses.

The Facts:

A Catalyst Buying Power survey conducted in 2012 revealed the following facts about the size of the GLBT market and its buying power:

  • The total buying power of adult LGBT individuals is projected to be $790 billion.
  • 87% of LGBT adults and 75% of non-LGBT adults would consider a brand that has equal benefits for LGBT employees. In addition, 47% of LGBT adults are more likely to purchase a company's products or services when an advertisement has been tailored to an LGBT audience.
  • 23% of LGBT adults have switched products or services in the past year because a different company was supportive of the LGBT community
  • Even if a brand is costlier or less convenient, 71% of lesbian and gay people would remain loyal to that brand should they be supportive of and friendly to LGBT issues.